Best freelance jobs

There are many freelance jobs available if you just take two seconds to google them, but if you want to hone in on certain field of work, you’ll need to discover which are the best freelance jobs in the market. What does ‘best’ mean here? The best paid and the most demanded. Keep reading and choose your definite freelance job.


IT field-related studies help you work from anywhere at anytime and that’s why programming is one of the best freelance jobs. If you don’t know how to program, you can take online courses before becoming a freelancer. Keep in mind that it’s a job that requires having a portfolio, so start building yours as soon as possible. As a freelance programmer, you can earn around $60 per hour.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

For this freelance work, you’ll need to hold a degree on the subject… and what is a SEO specialist exactly? This specialist is in charge of maximizing the traffic on a website by analyzing and implementing changes. In this freelancer job you can make around $50 at first, but your fee can rise when you get closer to being a SEO pro.


Are you fluent in two or more languages? Then you may work as a translator! Of course you have to remember that skill and study will improve your chances of getting a decent pay. You could be translating articles, papers, books, documents and movies! However, you must have perfect spelling in every language you master. Depending on the task and your expertise, you may gain between $25 and $40 an hour.

Take into account that some clients pay by word and not by hour. 

Content writer

If you have a gift for words and a creative mind, one of the best freelance jobs for you may be writing. There are many websites crammed with freelance writing job offers. However, many of them pay too little for the task, but it’s also true that you have to work your way up. Once you’re up, you can make up to $55 an hour. Besides, if you specialize in any particular subject, your fee could be even higher.

Graphic designer

According to UpWork, the freelance website, graphic designer are the second most demanded freelancer jobs. You can take a course to become a graphic designer or even learn on your own, though it will take time! Your fee may vary depending on the scale of the task, but you could earn up to $85 an hour.


If you’re a math whizz, you may want to consider enrolling for an accounting degree, since you could be making at least $32 an hour. It’s one of the freelance jobs that will always be on demand since no one wants to end up broke. It’s a demanding job but once you get clients, you may find yourself with a steady and high income.

These are just some of the high-paying freelance jobs you can find online, so keep digging if nothing grabs your interest.