How to get cheap iphones

How to get cheap iphones

Apple’s iphone is the most successful phone nowadays, with over 211 million sales in 2016. In fact, the highest-selling phone in 2016 was the iphone 6S! And this year, with its release of iphones 8, 8 Plus and X, sale experts estimate the story will repeat itself. However, the average iphone is quite expensive and not everyone can have one, which is why we bring a few tips on how to get cheap iphones. Let’s get started!

#1 Get refurbished phones

Since November, 2016, Apple has its online refurbished store, where you can get amazing discounts and still get an amazing product. Refurbished phones are basically products that have experienced some kind of problem, and that users return to Apple. The company then fixes whatever problem the phone has, replaces its battery, places it in a new casing and resells it. The cons are that the choice of color and storage are very limited. The pros? You’ll get your iPhone for at least 100 dollars less, already tested, and with a 12-month warranty.

#2 Take advantage of the iPhone Upgrade Program

If you have a Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint phone line, there are very easy ways to get your hands on brand new phones. The iPhone Upgrade Program, through the Apple Store app, allows you to upgrade your phone by paying ONLY phone’s sales tax. You can pay a monthly fee for an unlocked phone, and you can upgrade once year once after 12 monthly payments.

#3 Get incredible discounts from retail stores

There are several big retail chains that offer iphone sales looking to clear out the shop before the arrival of new phones. Some of these include eBay, Best Buy, Staples, Walmart, etc. You can get amazing discounts!

#4 When all else fails, Craigslist and Swappa

Yes, Craigslist does has a reputation for being sketchy, but it can be very useful when used with care. This site is full of sellers that want to get rid of their phones and  you can get amazing deals. However, look out for fake phones.

If you’re looking for a safer choice, Swappa is greatly regulated by the staff, and every seller needs to verify its products, so that you can be sure it wasn’t stolen.