How to choose a smartphone

choose smartphone

Nowadays, you can find a million options on the market, but how to choose a smartphone is what most overwhelmed buyers asks themselves. In this article, you’ll discover the essential steps that will guide you to the perfect smartphone. Hopefully, it’ll be a match made in heaven!

Choose the right operating system for you

What are you going to use your phone for? This is one of the first questions you have to ask yourself when trying to see which will be your new smartphone. For instance, if you want to download quite a few apps, iPhone might be the right choice for you, since it has the biggest app store. If you want to use it for work, Window may be the operating system for you since you can see documents and spreadsheets.

Consider the quality of the camera

If you’re a photography enthusiast or simply want your phone to be the only camera you possess, you need to look for quality phone cameras. Though a high number of megapixels is undoubtedly a good sign, that’s not enough. For quick shots in low light scenarios, you’ll need a sensor of f/2.0 or lower aperture. Of course, if the camera is not a huge factor in your smartphone decision-making process, you can go for lower-quality cameras and save money.

Try the smartphone out

Go to the electronics store to check if the smartphone you’re thinking of going for really suits you. You can also ask a friend who has a smartphone you’re interested in to let you take a peek. It would also be wise to ask him or her about the phone’s durability, speed and comfort. When checking out the phone, keep this questions in mind: Is it easy to use? Is the menu user-friendly? Does it fit comfortably in your hand?

Check out the security features

Nowadays, you probably get all new smartphones with some sort of security feature. This could be necessary if you want files or conversations to be inaccessible to strangers. There are cool and safe options out there, from the classic passwords to fingerprint and iris sensor.

Read user forums

There are forums for everything and anything you can image out there. So when in doubt, the best judges for a mobile phone are surely its users. By simply typing your candidate smartphone model and brand plus ‘forum’, you’ll get there. If you have a doubt regarding a particular feature of the phone, you can start a new thread. You’ll get responses in the blink of an eye.

Find the right size for you

There are tiny smartphones and there are colossal smartphones… and there are a lot of smartphones in between. To decide on the size, you should consider first which one fits your purposes; are you planning to watch videos on your phone? Is it only for messaging? The biggest models are around 5.5 inches and they are the perfect buy for video watching. Nonetheless, if what you aim for is practicality, then a phone that fits in your pocket is exactly what you need.