10 Affordable Dental Plans To Choose From

Dental plans

Dental plans are plans that are provided by dental insurance companies and networks for groups, employers, individuals and families. These diverse dental plans are put in place to enable people to gain access to proficient dentists across the nation.

Some Influential Factors To Know Before Dental Plans Selection

1. Dentists In The Plan Network Area

If you’re the type that cares deeply about the type of dentist that attends to you, then, it is important to ask whether you can keep your own dentist.

2. Cost Of Seeing A Dentist Outside the Network

Some dental plans don’t cover charges made while seeing a dentist outside a particular network. Therefore, consider this carefully before selecting your plan.

3.   Is There A Deductible In The Plan?

A deductible is simply a certain amount of money a customer must pay before the insurance provider can start providing coverage. The essence of considering the deductible as a factor before choosing a dental plan is to know if the cost analysis won’t eventually be too much for your economy to handle.

4. Maximum Amount Of Insurance Coverage Granted Each Year

Don’t go blind looking for the cheapest dental plan. It is important to enquire about the maximum amount of coverage released annually.

5. Procedures Covered

It is important to know the procedures covered in a plan before you choose it. Endeavour to carefully read the limitations and exclusions before you get enticed with the word “cheap”.

10 Affordable Dental Plans To Choose From

1. Dental HMO

Also referred to as prepaid plans, these only requires you choosing a particular dentist or dental facility to attend to your dental care. It is one of the most affordable and trustworthy dental plans nowadays.

2. Fee-for-Service Plans

Also known as traditional or indemnity plans, it entails customers paying a particular percent fee to dentist (coinsurance) after which the plan pays the rest.

3. Dental PPO Plans

This plan also works just like the indemnity plans, where a customer pays a coinsurance but, with slight differences from PPO.

4. Reduced-fee-for-Service Plan

Otherwise known as discount plan, this plan isn’t actually an insurance but a service that offers dental work with a discount to interested customers.

5. Maintenance plan

This plan is mostly offered by DPAS, Denplan, or Practice Plan. It is primarily dedicated to providing preventive care services. Payment is on a monthly basis and there’s no standardised costs.

6. Pay-as-you-go

Just as it sound, customers pay as they get treated or checked up. It is considered to be the cheapest of all plans.

7. Family Dental Plans

This particular plan varies depending on the network provider. It is for all members of the family. It is always less expensive, on an average of $13.00 monthly.

8. Colorado Alpha Dental Plan

This plan is offered by the Colorado Network Providers. It has neither age limit nor restrictions of use. It costs $14.25 on a monthly basis or $153.90 annually.

9. Blue Expert Dental Plan

This plan is sponsored by the Alpha Dental Network. It is also cheap to use and provides quality service.

10. Blue Expert+ Dental Plan

This plan is also offered by the Alpha Dental Network. It has low monthly cost, flexible payment options and provides professional care.

N/B: Please note that these plans are not listed in any significant order.