Why 24-Hour Fitness is a good choice

24-Hour Fitness

24-Hour Fitness is a company founded in 1983. It was formerly called 24 Hour Nautilus when it first started, and it began as a one-club operation.

24-Hour Fitness is indisputably the world’s most renowned and largest privately owned fitness center. It’s the third largest chain of gyms in the United Kingdom after Gold’s Gym and Fitness First.

Currently in the United States, it has 18,000 employees and 400+ clubs. In Philippines and Spokane in Washington, it has huge number of unrevealed workers who function as customer care representatives.

The corporate office of the company is located in San Ramon, California, while the processing center is situated in Carlsbad, California. Chris Roussos is the CEO while Mark S. Mastrov is the founder. Presently, 24-Hour Fitness is in possession of the AEA Investors.

With over 420 clubs in 18 states, 24-Hour amasses over four million members, thus rating as one of the largest fitness clubs worldwide. Even with this stupendous statistics, it still has other competitors in the United States. Its main rivals in the US include Aspen Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and LA Fitness.

Why 24-Hour Fitness is Indeed a Good Choice

#1 Large Members and Clubs

Throughout the country, 24-Hour Fitness has a large number of locations in distinct countries. It has diverse clubs all over the county to meet the various fitness needs of all its members. Presently in the United States, it has 18,000 employees and 400+ clubs. It also has members of about 2.7 million in Asia.

#2 Diverse Club Exercise Styles

Another good and interesting feature about 24-Hour Fitness is that it has different styles of exercise that are designed to guide, shape and mentor the physical fitness of its members. Each club has its peculiar style and it is all done for the satisfaction and  pleasure of members.

#3 It Features Personal Training

Unlike other fitness clubs, 24-Hour Fitness also focuses on personal training. Its personal trainers are meant to help members concentrate on their weakness and strengths. This shows that the club values its members fitness needs by attending to the differences of each member.

#4 It is Family Friendly

A very distinctive factor of 24-Hour Fitness is its family friendly programme. All family members are allowed and there are also specific activities for kids.

#5 Diet and Nutrition Factors are Considered

24-Hour Fitness doesn’t just focus on trainings, it monitors nutrition of its members by giving expert advice. Even when the center of the programme is exercise, nutrition is considered a crucial factor to help maintain and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re  trained by a personal trainer, the trainer will also provide nutritional advice on what to eat and when. Members also receive the 24-Hour Fitness Training Guidebook which guides them on how to eat well, and other nutrition related matters.


24-Hour Fitness Training has a lot of flexible and friendly plans for its members. The only two defects are:

  • it is not free
  • it may not be available in your area or city of residence