3 Ways to Find The Best Magazine Subscriptions

Magazine Subscriptions

Some people just can’t get enough of certain types of magazines and often eschew other forms of entertainment in pursuit of them. Many magazines do a great job of complimenting and fleshing out particular hobbies and interests, and millions still prefer reading from a physical object over browsing the internet. This large amount of popularity means that finding the best magazine subscriptions to the magazines that best interest you can be more difficult than you think.

This quick guide should assist everyone currently looking to add to their magazine subscriptions list.

#1 Use a Site the Offers Interest Matching

The internet has made our lives more comfortable in a lot of ways. One of these methods is the ability for individual people to harness enormous databases for their own benefit. One of the places with which to do this is Mercury Magazines. Mercury Magazines matches you to magazines based on your career -there are also quite a few freebies to be found there.

There are magazine subscriptions for every interest and hobby imaginable. Use a website, or spend some time on google researching some of your favorite pastimes – especially those you have traditionally had trouble getting information on.

#2 Find a Unique Reward System that Suits You

Magazine subscriptions are apart of a ton of rewards programs as either the rewards or as functions with which to earn points. A great way to find magazine subscriptions perfect for you is one with a reward system that matches your lifestyle.

A great example is a site like Recyclebank. Recyclebank offers you magazine based rewards for taking action in support of a greener planet. Good Housekeeping, InStyle, Country Living and many more.  If you are interested in making a greener planet or are already an activist of some sort, I highly suggest you check it out.

Other sites like RewardsGold or e-Reward give you rewards, like free subscriptions, for doing specific tasks like filling out a survey or a product review. The rotation of free magazines is always in rotation and often offers some good titles like Shape.

#3 Get a Bunch of Free Magazine Subscriptions

There are always hundreds of offers for free subscriptions to magazines at any given time. Sometimes it is only for an issue; sometimes it is a few months, every so often it is for a year. Check out as many free ones as you can to either get a feel for what you like or to discover new favorites.

Some sites give you freebies; some offer you discounts. Find some that you trust and check in with them from time to time. I got subscriptions to Maxim from Valuemags.com that way. As of writing this, they have Bridal Guide and Afar (solid travel mag) for free.

The more magazines you can get for free, the less you will find yourself spending on magazines in general. Testing out new ones may begin to be a hobby all by itself. Once you find magazine subscriptions that you simply can’t live without, then go ahead and make that commitment.