Learn About 5 Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Unemployment insurance benefits are provided by the state government and given to unemployed people who qualify. There are more advantages to disadvantages to using this program, and countless people have benefitted from their participation. Review the five main benefits that are guaranteed to anyone who obtains unemployment insurance.

About Weekly or Monthly Benefit Checks

Once you are approved for benefits, you receive a new check every week or month. Use these funds to cover basic living needs, such as rent and utilities, and the additional expenses that you paid when you were working. Maintain the lifestyle that you had before and remain covered as you continue searching for new employment.

The amount of the check depends on the earnings that you made while employed. Each state has a different method of determining the amount to pay for unemployment insurance benefits. The main factors that they consider include:

  • Earnings
  • Base period
  • Maximum limit
  • Dependents, if any

Some states review your annual salary, while others review the amount earned during the base period. This period is divided into quarters and used to determine eligibility. In addition, each state has maximum payout limits and additional payments for people with dependents.

Learn About Immediate Assistance

You’ll receive immediate assistance after you file for unemployment insurance benefits. In general, you’ll receive the first payment after only two or three weeks of filing a claim. You may have to wait an additional week, but the second or third week is when you start receiving payments.

There are faster ways to receive your benefit money. Choose between using a debit card or having direct deposits sent immediately to a bank account. As a modern banking user, have the option of text or email alerts to inform you of new deposits.

Find Out About Job Search Assistance

As part of the benefits, you may be required to register for free state-provided services that help you to find employment. If it’s not required, you may still have access to those services. Some employment offices have the latest information on the job market and links to job search sites with thousands of listings.

Discover Job Training

The unemployment office is designed to keep you off benefits and increase your chances of being employed for as long as possible. They have resources that connect you to local job training programs.

On their website, learn more about on-the-job training for those who want to start working immediately. They have information about six-month certificate programs and two-year associate degree programs that are offered in your area.

Learn About Temporary Assistance

Having unemployment insurance benefits is better than having none for most people. The benefits provide you and your family with months of financial security. You are provided with a large supply of job search resources online.

The maximum amount of time to receive benefits varies from 12 to 26 weeks, depending on your state. You must have worked within the past year to become eligible. Despite the restrictions, the benefits help you to keep the home and belongings after you’ve lost a job.

Unemployment insurance benefits provide a boost that most employees need to get back into the workforce. As a recipient, cover the most basic expenses, from rent to car payments, and avoid using a savings account that you need for emergencies.

The benefits last for a maximum of six months, but extensions are available if you qualify. Overall, this program is guaranteed to help you transition from an unemployed to a working status.