Top 25 Magazines: Food, Celebs, Children and More!

Top 25 Magazines

Far from killing magazines, the internet has provided a new platform from which older and new publications could emerge stronger and more prolific than ever before. While some have fallen, dozens of others have appeared to take their place. Magazines hold a unique position in our culture.

Today there is a magazine to reflect back and celebrate the happenings of almost any niche interest or hobby you can think of. The most significant topics such as food, celebrities, and travel have hundreds of magazine options for you to choose from.

All of these options come at a price, however. You probably have found yourself searching for a new subscription any day only to find that there are just too many choices.  With so many to choose from it can be hard to know which is the right choice.

We are going to go through the Top 25 magazines available today. Rather than try and break these up by genre, we decided to give you a Top 25 magazines list regarding the best overall publications of the last year in the hopes you may have either overlooked one of these great options or were perhaps wholly unaware that a title in that genre existed at all.

#1 Game Informer

Game Informer easily ranks within the Top 25 magazines and is the premier magazine for video game news, reviews, interviews and more. While the magazine focuses on gaming, they also dabble quite a bit in tech and internet culture issues. The magazine has come a long way since the 90’s and is one of the magazines to most efficiently make use of the internet as a medium.

#2 Better Homes and Gardens

The most popular magazine for homeowners and garden lovers. They go into everything from recipes to remodeling ideas and tips. This publication has great articles for the DIY enthusiasts with a garage full of tools, the green thumbs, as well as the at-home Chefs.

#3 National Geographic

Perhaps the most famous magazine of all time and well within the Top 25 magazines. National Geographic has been the premier source for incredible insights into the natural world and isolated patches of humanity. If you want to discover something great, go with National Geographic.

#4 Time

Easily in the top 25 magazines, Time has long been lauded as one of the most prestigious news and opinion publications. The Time person of the year is still an annual headline grabber.

#5 People

If you want all the juiciest gossip, then look no further than People magazine. Full of attention-grabbing headlines and “Oh no she didn’t!” moments.

#6 Sports Illustrated

Everything sports related can be found here. This magazine is so popular and well received, that three are virtually no real competitors in the sports magazine categories outside of niche activities like chess. The only other sports publication in the top 25 magazines is ESPN.

#7 Maxim

Packed full of attractive ladies and workout tips, this is the magazine guaranteed to hold the attention of every young man out there. Movies, games, tech, women and more.

#8 O, The Oprah Magazine

People just can’t get enough Oprah. Her magazine brings you exactly what you loved about the show. Books, movies and life pieces guaranteed to warm your heart.

#9 Parenting

From Baby’s first steps to teenager troubles, Parenting has got you covered. The most popular parenting magazine provides you plenty of advice, tips, and anecdotes to help you through life’s most rewarding journey.

#10 Fitness Magazine

Fitness provides you plenty of diet and workout tips with a  focus on the feminine. The well-written articles and unique insights make this a favorite amongst active women.

#11 Bon Appetit

Food & Cooking Magazine.

#12 Rolling Stone

Music, News and Pop Culture Magazine.

#13 ESPN

Sports Magazine.

#14 Playboy

Adult, Men’s Entertainment Magazine.

#15 Ebony

African-American Issues Publication.

#16 Field & Stream

Outdoors, Hunting and Fishing Magazine.

#17 Popular Mechanics

Technology and Engineering Magazine.

#18 Motor Trend

Car and Vehicle Magazine.

#19 The New Yorker

News, Art and Culture Publication.

#20 Bloomberg

Finance and Business Magazine.

#21 Forbes

Finance and Business Magazine.

#22 Wired

Technology and Engineering Magazine.

#23 Travel + Leisure

Travel and Leisure Magazine.

#24 Fortune

Finance and Business Magazine.

#25 Popular Science

Technology and Engineering Magazine.