20 Free Magazines You Can Get By Mail

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Even in today’s internet-infused world, the traditional mail delivered magazine is still one of the most enjoyable ways to delve into your favorite hobby or activity.  Just as some people eschew ebook in favor of real paper, magazine lovers feel much the same way. If you are one of these enthusiasts who still just can’t get enough of their favorite magazines, then you are in luck. We have put together a list for people just like you looking to get their hands on some free magazinesSo here are 20 of the best free magazines you can order today!

Found on Valuemags.com

Valuemags is an excellent source for free magazine. They have an extensive list of publications you can get free subscriptions to for up to one year!

#1 Afar

Afar is a San Francisco based travel magazine that offers a unique perspective on locations around the world. A focus on “experiential travel” as they call it. Great stories and beautiful photos abound in this magazine.

#2 Good Housekeeping

One of the most beloved magazines of all-time. Good housekeeping is packed full of helpful tips and advice for around your home. Recently the magazine has also branched out more into related health and safety issues as well.

#3 Cosmopolitan

“Cosmo” as it is known, is an incredibly popular women’s magazine that focuses on beauty, relationships, and pop culture.

#4 ELLE magazine

High fashion at its best. Runway shows and designer highlights flash across the pages of this fashion periodical. Get the latest on beauty and health products to make sure your skin is always glowing.


Found on Freebizmag.com

Freebizmag.com is a service that helps businesses like Dentists offices get  free magazines for their waiting rooms, though it can be applied to a number of functions. You fill out a short survey and if you qualify the survey sponsor purchases the magazine subscription for you. This is perfect for all you small business owners.

#5 Car and Driver

If you are researching a new purchase or just love reading about the newest speed demons, then get excited about Car and Driver. Automobile reviews, matchups, tests and news all in one place.

#6 Sports Illustrated

The most popular sports magazine around. Sports Illustrated covers all of the top sports with engaging writing and fantastic photography. The swimsuit edition is an added bonus.

#7 Esquire

Esquire is a Men’s magazine that dips its toes into nearly every subject. Fashion, news, politics, sports, food and more. This publication provides a gentleman with a fun and informative way to stay engaged with modern culture.

#8 Good Housekeeping

Home decor and care. A focus on food, gardening and home improvement and decorating.


Found On RewardsGold.com

Rewards Gold is a rewards program that gives you points for completing simple online activities you typically already do anyways. You also can complete tasks like surveys to unlock additional reward points. Shopping at places like Apple.com and Amazon.com can earn you rewards, so this is a better deal than it may initially seem. These rewards will of course get you some  free magazines.

#9 Golfweek Magazine

Premier golfing magazine.

#10 Garden & Gun Magazine

Highlights sporting culture, food, and art in the Southern United States.

#11 Hola! Magazine

Spanish-language magazine specializing in celebrity news.

#12 Red Bulletin

Men’s style magazine features sports, adventure, art and music.

#13 Wine Spectator

Wine reviews, wine and wine culture, tasting-notes and more.

#14 Vanidades

Spanish-language women’s lifestyle magazine. Focused on America’s modern Hispanic woman.

#15 Boating World

“Dedicated to trailerable boats, from bowriders to fishing boats, pontoons to wake boats and sportboats to PWCs.”

#16 Siempre Mujer

“Written for, by and about the modern bilingual/bicultural Hispanic woman”

#17 Outside Magazine

A great outdoor and environmental magazine with a focus on travel, sports, health, and fitness.


Assorted Sources

Various locations from which to find  free magazines.

#18 GQ

Gentleman’s Box is giving away a free year of GQ Magazine!  Offer valid for U.S. residents only. This is a Men’s style and pop culture magazine.

#19 Lego Life

The free LEGO® Life magazine is for kids between the ages 5 and 10 living in the US and Canada. Full of tons of fun for your child.

#20 HackSpace

You can get a free issue of Hackspace right now. monthly magazine for people who love to make things and those who want to learn.