9 Things You Didn’t Know About TRICARE


TRICARE is the medical insurance scheme offered in the United States of America and, unlike other health insurance schemes available to all citizens, this medical health insurance scheme is restricted to military personnel.

TRICARE policy consists on an-easy-to-enrol program, with small and affordable premiums that can be easily paid over the internet. TRICARE is an exclusive medical insurance scheme and there is a whole lot of unknown facts that you must know about the TRICARE health insurance scheme.

  1. The medical health insurance scheme which is now officially called as TRICARE was originally called the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services which is abbreviated as CHAMPUS.
  2. TRICARE is the medical health insurance scheme offered by the Department of Defence Military Health System and the renewal of the system can be done through mail, web and the phone.
  3. TRICARE health insurance scheme is offered exclusively to members of the U.S army, navy, air force, marine corps, the National Guard and reserve, as well as to employees of the U.S Public Health Service, Corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
  4. This health insurance program covers a wide web of health insurance policies for the U.S Armed forces military personnel, military retirees and dependent family members.
  5. The authority which was formerly responsible for managing the program’s health policy is the TRICARE Defense Health Agency under the supervision of the Assistant Secretary of Defense and now it’s managed by the Defense Health Agency, known as DHA.
  6. The program has signed agreements with other large health insurance companies to provide health benefits for any and all of the active and retired military personnel.
  7. This medical insurance scheme was mainly created to make up for the flaws of the its predecessors, which failed to provide a fair relief to all the military personnel and their dependant family members, most of whom lost their lives or have to face everyday life with permanent and serious injuries.
  8. TRICARE has been partitioned into three main and large regions focussing many cities which were called TRICARE North, TRICARE South and TRICARE west. The north region is taken care by the Health Net Federal Services, the southern region is controlled by Humana Military Healthcare Services and the west region is run by the United Healthcare company.
  9. The policy also has something called TRICARE options which include various kinds of policies for people belonging to different category. Some of them may include TRICARE standard, TRICARE extra, TRICARE prime, US family health plan, TRICARE Reserve Select, TRICARE reserve retired, TRICARE for life, TRICARE young adult, TRICARE supplement.

The comprehensive coverage offered by TRICARE health insurance policy include health plans, special programs, prescriptions and dental plans. The TRICARE dental program is totally different from the original TRICARE health insurance policies and cover dental care for military personnel and their families.