Car Gadgets You Should Have

car gadgets

With longer commutes, the popularity of car gadgets has risen among Americans. As people spend more time in automobiles, there is a growing desire to find gadgets that help keep cars fresh and allow for creature comforts that you would normally find at home.

By adding cup holders and internal power sockets, companies have discovered unique ways to make drivers’ lives easier. But it doesn’t end there, they’ve found ways to keep drivers’ clothes wrinkle free, the air in the cab purified and inventive avenues to keep the car clean. Here are the best car gadgets you should have in your car right now.

Reserwa 12V 106W Wet & Dry Car Vacuum

This vacuum is the perfect gadget for quick cleanups during stops for gas and snacks. Another great feature of the Reserwa vacuum is that it also works for those ill-timed spills. With the power coming from any 12V outlet within the car, the vacuum can pick up liquids before they have a chance to stain the interior.

With a HEPA filter that controls allergens and dust, the vacuum keeps your car free of crumbs, dirt and hair. With detachable hoses that work for specific areas of the car, such as the trunk, the Reserwa Wet & Dry Car Vacuum is the ultimate car gadget for keeping your automobile clean all day long.

Jeasun Car Multi Work Table Mount

One of the most interesting car gadgets on the list is the Jeasun Car Multi Work Table Mount. You can place this table mount along the steering wheel or on the back of a seat. It’s versatile for numerous things such as using your laptop, eating or drinking during lunch in the car or for taking notes.

Light yet sturdy, the Jeasun Car Table Mount is ideal for those moments with the children in the car when they need to eat work on their homework. Easy to store under or behind seats, the mount is a wonderful gadget, especially if you sometimes work from your car.

High Road Heavy-Duty Expandable Hanger Bar

This easy-to-install hanger bar is one of those exceptional car gadgets for those who love to keep their clothes wrinkle-free on the drive to work. Great for coats and jackets, the High Road Heavy-Duty Expandable Hanger Bar can be installed quickly for those dry cleaning pickups. It also compacts so you can easily store it in a trunk or seat pocket.

Gripped with a rubber sleeve, hangers cannot slide around during turns and sudden stops. Durable and strong, the High Road Hanger Bar is an excellent resource for storing clothes in the car.

PeakPlus Best Car Air Purifier Ionizer Freshener

With wear and tear, the inside of a car can become a battle zone for unwelcome odors. A gadget that combats those unappealing side effects of long drives in the car is the PeakPlus Best Car Air Purifier Ionizer Freshener. Charged to kill bacteria, mold and viruses, the freshener is great for drivers and passengers who suffer from allergies.

Plugging directly into the 12V outlet inside the car, the PeakPlus Freshener is one of the car gadgets that works without hassle.