Tips to Making Your Makeup Last All Night

Making Your Makeup Last All Night

If you have long days that require you to transition from day to night, you’ve probably learned to dread the multiple makeup applications that come with it. Even high-end products have a tendency to smear and smudge if they aren’t applied properly. Luckily, this is an easy fix as long as you follow a few key tips and tricks.

The less oil the better

Even though you may love the dewy glow that comes with oil based products at the start of your day, these won’t be your friends after 6-8 hours of constant motion. Oil based makeup products tend to slip and slide as you get farther into the night, which should put them top on your list of things to avoid.

Heat things up

If you want curly lashes that stay in place all night long, all you need is a little heat. Blast your eyelash curlers with the high setting on your blow dryer for a few seconds and then curl away! Your lashes will stay in place all night long and give you fabulous length.

Waterproof everything

When it comes to makeup products you can’t do without, waterproof products are high on the list. These items tend to be more durable – especially if you’re constantly on the move. Make sure you find a good waterproof mascara and eyeliner to prevent those racoon eyes as the night wears on.

Long-Wear products are your friends

The longer a product is designed to last, the better your odds are for staying clean and refreshed throughout the night. Products with 24-hour coverage should be your first choice, while makeup products that claim to stay in place for 12 or more hours are a strong second option.

Make sure you opt for a good foundation first. There are plenty of 24 hour foundation products available on the market – most of which come in a variety of shades and affordable prices. Products that are designed for combination or oily skin will be your best bet. They will be more effective when it comes to keeping your look locked in place because these skin types are prone to having issues with slipping.

Invest in a Setting Spray

When it comes to locking everything down, a good setting spray will make sure your look stays in place all night long and doesn’t look sweaty. It comes with a matte finish that will keep everything smooth and flawless and will help to extend the lifespan of your look. If you’re in for a night of fun, this product is a must!

Use the baking technique

This genius technique will ensure that you’re able to party well into the night without sacrificing your look. To use the baking technique, simply set your highlighted areas and under eye concealer with excess setting powder. Once you’ve done this, you can continue to finish applying the rest of your makeup. When you’re done with your look, brush the excess powder off and enjoy the rest of your night in style.