How to Spot Liars on a Dating Site

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What seems to keep most people away from entering the world of online dating is the fact that people can pretend to be someone that they are not. Fear not… here you’ll find the necessary tools to help you spot liars well before they have an opportunity to breach your perimeter.

Why do they lie?

In all honesty, there’s a great deal of pressure trying to put forward the best version of yourself online.  This is why most people tend to lie about who they are online. You may feel that you are wonderful until you log in and someone else’s life seems to be more attractive, spontaneous and adventurous.  Competing with people that seem smarter, more attractive or more outgoing can cause stress and lies seem to be the remedy for some online daters.

Do they really look like that? Probably not…

Those that tend to lie about their appearance generally feel that their flaws outshine everything else. Their insecurity keeps them guarded. It also needs to be noted that there are some online daters that lie about their appearance simply to hide their actual identity. The following will help you spot liars from the start.

Outdated profile pics

More often than not, a person using an outdated picture is hiding the fact that they no longer look like that. Whether they are embarrassed due to, for instance, weight gain or age, etc., they’re still hiding their true self from potential matches.

Filter overload

One cute filter here and there is enticing. Users that layer filters or never post a non-filtered picture are definitely trying to conceal their true appearance.

Headshots only

When every picture looks like a casting call in Hollywood, the user is certainly lying about their appearance. This is a tactic that is normally utilized by those that aren’t pleased with their current body weight.

Missing head syndrome

Want to know how to spot liars? Try looking for the missing head. These people tend to have a significant other and are trying to conceal their identity while attempting to cheat. They will display all aspect of themselves with the teeny-tiny exception of their heads. This allows them to have plausible deniability if a friend or loved one happened to stumble upon their ill-gotten online dating profile.

Those that lie about their identity

One of the biggest red flags within the world of online dating is the fact that people will lie about who they are at their core. This is a lie that should have you running for the hills. You will never be able to determine who you are dealing with. Anyone that’s willing to lie about their identity is the riskiest person you could ever decide to meet up with. Better spot liars of this kind as soon as possible.

The following will help you weed through this level of online dating liar.

Picture void

If there’s no picture, there’s no immediate way for you to determine if their descriptions are accurate or not. The best way to thwart such a person is to demand a recent picture that shows the current date.

No social media links

Granted, there are individuals that don’t have social media profiles… but they are not the ones that would embark upon online dating. Those that you’ll find on a dating site are technologically savvy and social enough to have at least one profile floating around in the world. With that being said, not sharing a social media profile link as a measure of verifying identity is a red flag that cannot and should not be ignored. This is a simple way to spot liars.

Answers do not match

Most online dating sites have questionnaires that users are privy to when weeding out an abundant listing of candidates. Additionally, there are bios and pics that allow you to compare and contrast. If at any time the answers that you are given during messaging on the app or site do not match the materials mentioned above, sever ties, that person is 100 percent lying.