4 best Dating Sites in the US

Dating sites

Dating sites can be a great ally when searching for love in the new millennium. Therefore, we have taken the time to compile a listing of the very best dating sites within the United States (regardless of your personal dating preferences). Check them out and pick the perfect site to find your soulmate!


This is a dating site equipped with a rather expansive dating pool as well as a great deal of name recognition. With that being said, with Match.com, you will not be running out of potential mates anytime soon and your chances of finding your ideal mate is high.  A free account can be set up within a matter of minutes.

While setting up your dating profile, you are asked various of personal questions to guide the software to your ideal match. Additionally, you are permitted to upload 26 pictures in order to enhance your personal profile.

Keep in mind that if you choose not to purchase a subscription, you will be unable to send or view messages.  You will be restricted to the viewing and liking of profiles only.  You will also need to know that the subscription cost for Match.com is slightly higher than its competitors, but the site’s success rate is far higher as well.


Looking for impressive free features? Want the best value when it comes to online dating? OkCupid is the place for you. Users are able to message potential matches without subscription fees. Sign-up is simple and includes one of the most unique features within the market today: you are asked to answer questions, once from your perspective then again from the perspective of a potential mate.

If you opt for the subscription service, you’ll be able to see a comprehensive listing of profiles that like you and to conduct advanced searches. One great plus is that subscription service can be purchased in intervals of a month, 3 months or 6 months.


eHarmony is an online dating option that’s ideal for those interested in dating within a specified age, religion or ethnic group. This site allows its users the ability to filter their searches at a microscopic level. Unlike its competitors, eHarmony allows users to micro-filter their searches without paying for a subscription. However, you will need a subscription before you’re allowed to view profiles on this popular dating site.


Tinder is among the most user-friendly dating apps while also having a considerable pool of candidates. This is the dating app that syncs with Facebook, which allows you to see the shared interests and mutual friends of potential dates.  

There are hundreds of other dating sites available, but these are definitely the most popular ones. They were deemed as the best due to the host of tools they make available to ensure that you are able to meet large numbers of potential matches. Keep in mind that ideal dating sites should help you find people you like, act as a screening tool and protect you from dangerous individuals.

Moreover, when choosing among dating sites, make sure that you are comfortable using them and that there are enough options within your preference range.