Best Outdoor Gadgets

outdoor gadgets

Nothing introduces the arrival of summer more than a backpack decked out with the best outdoor gadgets. From all-in-one tools to accessories for your weekend hike, these gadgets promise features that won’t strain the wallet or take up too much room on those long journeys. Highlighted by their affordable pricing and versatility, here are the best outdoor gadgets.

Bago Lightweight Backpack

Waterproof and extremely comfortable to carry, the Bako Lightweight Backpack is one of the best gadgets for low-budget purchases. The backpack features multiple pockets to store all of your precious items and safely stores necessities with a roomy central compartment.

With a host of mini-pockets, the backpack is perfect for students looking for a lightweight bag to take to class or for the outdoor lover looking to haul a picnic. But what makes the Bago Lightweight Backpack an excellent outdoor gadget is its ability to be folded, and with the help of a zipper, it becomes a handy waistband pouch perfect for riding your bike or taking that quick lunchtime run.

CHANGKU Emergency Survival Kit

This fantastic 11-in-1 CHANGKU Emergency Survival Kit is an incredible addition to the list of best outdoor gadgets. Items in the kit include a tactical knife, tungsten steel pen, a flint stone, flashlight, mini light, compass, whistle and an emergency blanket.

The final item on that list, the emergency blanket, is wind and waterproof and touts the ability for the wearer to retain up to 90% of body heat in dire situations.

Another high-quality item in the kit is the waterproof compass. It features a 360-degree rotating bezel that allows for precise navigation. The CHANGKU Emergency Survival Kit is a must-have for the adventure seeking outdoorsy types.

CREATOR Tactical Waist Pack

Touting a compact and sleek design, the CREATOR Tactical Waist Pack is a must-own item found in the homes of those who love outdoor gadgets. Offered in a variety of colors, the pack features durable nylon construction with a detachable buckle providing easy-on, easy-off functionality. With several pockets, the pack is great for a long hike or run.

What makes the CREATOR Tactical Waist Pack stand out from other waist packs is its ability to expand. The user can add such features as additional pockets, a water bottle holder and other accessory extensions.

Perfect for more leisurely activities such as fishing, photography and hiking, but strong enough to handle more extreme action, the CREATOR Tactical Waist Pack is a terrific gadget

Anwaii Solar Bluetooth Speaker

One of our favorite items on the best outdoor gadgets list is the Anwaii Solar Bluetooth Speaker. Praised for its creative use of solar power, the speaker is ideal for the long hike, run or bike ride. With a high-capacity battery that lasts up to 30 hours on one charge, this speaker produces terrific wireless sound from a phone or other music device.

The Anwaii is shockproof, splash and dust proof, ensuring that your speaker stays protected and practical no matter what the conditions are for the adventure-seeker in your family.