4 Things You Should Avoid on a Dating Site


In today’s modern world, you can’t be too careful when it comes to online dating. While it is becoming more and more acceptable to meet your life partner on the Internet, you still need to be careful when making a profile on a dating site.

The sad fact of the matter is that not everyone who makes a dating site profile is there to meet the love of their life. Some people create accounts to scam money out of well off singles, while others may simply be looking for an affair on the side. Even if you do manage to find someone else looking for love, their profile may have some red flags that you should avoid at all costs.

Are you new to online dating or looking for advice to better your chances of finding your spouse? Here are four things you should avoid on a dating site.

1. People Who Don’t Want to Talk on the Site

The whole point of making a profile on a dating site is to find a way to meet new people and talk to them without having to give out your personal information. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to exchange phone numbers after you’ve gotten to know a potential love interest, but watch out for people who ask for your phone number before even attempting to get to know you.

People who don’t want to use dating sites to talk are often hiding something. Whether it’s a paranoid disposition or an inappropriate stash of photos, chances are you don’t want to find out.

2. People Who Ask You For Money

Everyone runs into unexpected issues at some point in their life, but that doesn’t mean they have to resort to a dating site to get funds. If you have people asking you for money online – especially if it’s a lot of money – report them. You aren’t an ATM, you’re a person and you deserve to be treated like one.

3. People That Remind You of Celebrities

You’re sure to find people on your dating site that were blessed with good looks, but you’ll also find pictures that look a little too good to be true. ‘Catfishing’ is a growing phenomenon where a con artist can use another person’s image to increase their likelihood of ‘matching’ with someone they find attractive. This is not only dishonest – it’s unfair to the real owner of the pictures.

If you think you might have found a fake profile, save the image and use Google’s search engine to check. If it comes back to be a B-List celebrity, you know you’re being conned.

4. People Who Are Only Into Your Appearance

It’s nice to be appreciated for your features every now and then, but not when your features are the only thing attracting someone to you. Relationships need to have a healthy foundation – something that can be difficult to achieve if your potential partner can’t be bothered to notice more than your outward appearance.

It can be frustrating to ignore the compliments these people will likely shower you with. In the long run however, you’ll be glad that you waited to find someone who can appreciate all of your amazing qualities.